NetMeeting Demo 

To call Epic Conditions directly, click the SpeedDial  link above

(1) To place a  call to a NetMeeting user on the Internet, type  their External IPAddress  in the address bar to the left.
If you don't know your/their external IP Address go to    in the upper right corner of the page it will show your/their external IP Address.

(1) To place a call to a NetMeeting user on your Intranet, type their PC'S IPAddress  in the address bar to the left.
To find your/their internal IP Address, open NetMeeting and click on "Help" then on "About Windows NetMeeting". Your/their internal IP Address will be at the bottom.

(2) After entering the IP Address click the yellow telephone "Place Call" button to the right of the address bar. 

(3) To end a call, click the "End Call" button below the place call button.

If you get this message:
"The person you called is not able to accept NetMeeting calls".
This means the person you are trying to contact is offline, try again later or email them to set up an appointment.

If you are trying to reach Epic Conditions, E-mail me to set up an appointment.


To undock the NetMeeting Console, click the above link

NetMeeting works best with Windows, although, it can be used with Macs and Linux.

NetMeeting Demo

For Mac:

OS X: Mac OS X users can use NetMeeting with free software available at If you download the latest version of ohphoneX, you'llbe able to use NetMeeting with other NetMeeting users.

For Linux:

You can find the OS X port of GnomeMeeting (which does almost the same thing), also available from Linux operating systems can run the NetMeeting program, but it does take a more advanced user to get the programs to interoperate.